man-moving-boxes-from-truckYou will have a lot on your mind on moving day. There are utilities companies to deal with, items to be sold or discarded and quite possibly, personal belongings to be moved into self storage.

One thing most people aren’t thinking about at a time like this is identity theft. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of different kinds of papers in different locations throughout your home and if you’re not careful, you could expose them to prying eyes. Make sure you keep them in one place in a location known only to you.

You’lll want to keep track of important personal and business documents including life insurance policies, bank records, Social Security numbers and passwords. You should know the whereabouts of those documents not only because you will need them before you need many of your household goods, but because if they fall into the wrong hands, they could expose you to identity theft.

Document Shredders help stop identity theft

The day before moving day can be a good time to review old documents that are no longer needed and shred them. Throwing away paper documents with Social Security numbers, bank routing and account numbers, medical information or other sensitive data is never a good idea. Personal cross-cut shredders are inexpensive and insure that the information can’t be retrieved by anyone.

If you keep passwords on paper, that will need special attention. A better way to store passwords, if you can, is to keep them in a spreadsheet and stored on an encrypted flash drive.

Other paper documents you may want to keep with you in your new home or keep in self-storage, providing  you have a secure lock for your unit. Identity theft can be devastating and take a long time to correct. Make it is difficult as possible for thieves to gain access to the sensitive information they use against unsuspecting people.

River Road Storage offers both conventional and climate-controlled units and a well-lit and secure environment for self storage. Once locked away in one of our secure units by a renter, a self storage unit is accessed only by the owner of the contents, and not by the management or owners of the River Road Storage.

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